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Lamps, light and much more in the space Ventura Lambrate 
The eighth edition of this sample of exhibitions of design will save an important place for the illumination and the design of lighting solutions during the Milano Design Week from 4 to 9 April 2017.
A year more, coinciding with the Milano Design Week and fair of the Piece of furniture of Milan, in which it will celebrate Euroluce 2017, will take place the sample Ventura Lambrate, an exhibition of designs and installations created by artists of different nationalities. In this occasion, the light will have a leading paper of the hand of luminarias that explore new effects on his surroundings and on those who see it.

For this, the designers participants have looked for innovative methods and technical that re-create different types of natural sunlight and that look for the perfect balance between illumination and colour, trascending further of the luminarias conventional. 

Some of these creators that will expose his works in the space Ventura Lambrate have interconnected these pobilidades of the light with artistic and surprising installations that combine different disciplines with the aim to create an experience enriquecedora for the visitor.
To continuation, do a review by some of these exhibitions: 

Repensar The luminaria
The British study One Design Space has inspired by the value added that the colour gives to the illumination, to create a work that allows to the user create with the tone and the atmosphere. They can do it by means of the creation of geometrical disks of colours with acrylic dyes that can place in front of the light. The designers leave of this way in hands of the visitor the total control of the variations of colour, encouraging them to influence actively in the illumination of his surroundings.

Luz vaporised
The study Thier & vanDaalen goes back to Ventura Lambrate with his last project titled "Steam Light". "The irregular form of the luminaria creates for our surprise by the movement of the structures of the nature and the contrast between the straight and organic forms. The form in that it flowers a flower, how elevates the steam in the air or the effect hipnotizante of the water that films ", explain Iris go Daalen and Ruben Thier. The appearance sugerente of the luminaria of aluminium, that can hang so much vertical as in horizontal, is a big example of the philosophy minimalista of the study.

Natural balance and illumination
To the equal that Studio Thier & vanDaalen, OliveLab takes the natural strengths like inspiration for his designs. Playing with the gravity and the magnetic strength, the last project of the two young Italian designers is a luminaria in which the functionality is determined by the balance. The light of the minimalista luminaria Balance only spreads through the plexiglás when his two vertical parts are in perfect balance.


Tubes of light
The Dutch designer Lambert Kamps plays with the potentials of the design, of the art and of the architecture in his installation "Tube Lamp Clock", an installation of 30 luminarias of tubes that move neumáticamente and conform the image of a digital clock. The numbers indicate the advance of the time while the lamps go in and go out of his external tubes by the strength of the air compressed to do that the minutes pass.


A luminaria interactive
Studio Catinca Tilea Uses participatory designs for involucrar and educate to an audience and in this occasion, his "#1minuteLamp" is a perfect example of this. It treats of an installation that does that the viewer ask how works the illumination. By means of the presence of materials in an interactive base, the public can activate the lamps LED and see the mechanism of a circuit of illumination. With the collaboration with Modulating Lighting, the intensity and colour of this luminaria can control through an App for mobiles and electronic devices what puts of relief the Internet of the things (IoT)


Using the light like a variable appearance key to understand the installation, Suffice Leijh Design Studio plays with the concept of presentation of products lit individually by a cylinder lumínico, the beam fit in a curtain of cloth of Kvadrat. In collaboration with Modulating Lighting, this installation allows to customise the intensity and the intensity of the do of light through an application of connectivity.

Ventura Lambrate 2017 also presents projects related with the concept of illumination, between which include : Umut Yamac, Umberto García, Mitsue Kido, the University of Laponia, Takt Project Inc, Serial, Roberto Broken and Vantot. They will be able to contemplate all his exhibitions in Milan, of the 4 to 9 April 2017.

It can consult more information on these exhibitions in the web of the festival. To continuation a video advance with some of the samples of design that will be able to contemplate of the 4 to 9 April coinciding with the Salone gave Mobile gave Milano, Euroluce 2017 and the Milano Design Week.

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