Prizes Delta 2014: the light Trick, of the designer Dean Skira for iGuzzini, wins the Delta of Gold
This Thursday has taken place in the auditorium of the Disseny Hub Barcelona the ceremony of delivery of the Prizes Delta of industrial design, in the frame of the FADfest, the festival of design and architecture organised by the FAD (Promotion of the Arts and of the Design).
A total of 53 projects opted this year to the Prizes Delta, ones award with 54 years of path that delivers ADI-FAD, the Association of Industrial Design of the FAD, and that have like aim promote the public recognition of those innovative products that propose a conceptual renewal, contribute an environmental worry and are at the same time an example of design and quality of manufacture.

In the present edition, the 37ª, the jury commissioned to decide the Prizes Delta of Gold and of Silver, as well as the Medal ADI, is formed by Eugeni Quitllet, designer that initiated his professional career with Philippe Starck and at present has his own study in Barcelona; Jorge Díez, skilled designer in the world of the car that at present leads the team of external design of SEAT; Chris Lefteri, recognised like the main authority in materials and his application in the design; Joaquim Ruiz Millet, architect, editor and galerista, in addition to donor of pieces of the bottom of the collection of the Museum of the Design; Inga Sempé, skilled French designer in design of furniture, illumination, objects and fabrics; Johannes Carlström, cofundador and designer of Notice Design Studio, one of the most influential studies in Scandinavia and Gracia Cardona, cofundadora and redactora boss of the on-line publication diarioDESIGN. The jury has decided to award the following prizes:

Product: Trick
Designer: Skira – Architectural Lighting Design – Dean Skira
Company: iGuzzini Illuminazione Spa
Description: Trick is an illusion, a trick: the light is, but the body of the luminaria is so miniaturizado that disappears in the luminous design. Trick Is a button of LED able to generate spectacular luminous effects and geometrical, punctual and very clear-cut: circles, lines concentrated, graphic elements of decoration in infinite combinations, as well as effects of light rasante. It treats of an able product to define and customise the space, giving rhythm and creating scenographies. The luminaria is thought in version plate of light, wall washer and radial. It is able to create eight luminous effects different. Besides, it can install in surface or in version empotrable and, can combine multiple luminarias creating, at the same time, diverse effects of light, characterised all by a big luminous uniformity.

Assessment of the jury: "By the technical research of a luminaria that no only has to consider by the object in yes, but by the tridimensionalidad of his effects and his capacity to define inner spaces. An attractive formula to unify architecture and space with product and light. For being an industrial product that associates the poetry with the technician."

Product: Collection Gardenias
Designer: Hayon Studio – Jaime Hayon
Company: BD Barcelona Design
Description: Gardenias presents like a collection of furniture of garden. It is not a category. It is a nuance that wants to differentiate it of other collections of furniture of outside. The sutileza, the beauty and the memory have been very present in his design. Also the will that it was a wide program, varied, polyvalent and open –we will follow adding new pieces in the future– where fit sculptural vases and flowerpots of a surprisingly fine terracotta, armchairs with or without pergola, banks and until a beautiful regadera.

Assessment of the jury: "For bringing the fantasy to the garden, with a design of strokes very personal that give an image juguetona, linked to the happiness. As well as by his light and organic image, differentiated of big part of the external furniture."


Product: Lojamonero
Designers: DIBA studio – DIBA studio
Company: Lodiví
Description: Quality, practicidad and vicinity are the values by which bets Lodiví: a new mark of products "km zero", designed and realised in Barcelona. Utensilios Of innovative and functional kitchen, respectful with the environment and with the exigencias of some users that look for a just balance between aesthetics and practicidad. Objects of daily use that contribute elegant solutions to the needs of the current kitchen.

Assessment of the jury: "For being an intelligent idea that supposes an improvement for a product of the daily life. A discreet product, without simple and elegant pretences that represents the good design in the utensilios that use in our day in day out and with a very suitable price."

Product: System of tables Offset
Designers: Tomás Alonso Design Studio – Tomàs Alonso
Company: Maxdesign Italia Srl.
Description: Offset is a collection of tables with accessories to game for the environments of the home, the office home and environments contract, designed by Tomás Alonso for Maxdesign. Adaptable, innovative and flexible, Offset answers to the new space needs been born of the habits of contemporary work in which the border between the home and the office is increasingly blurred.

Assessment of the jury: "For being a design that reflects simplicity and honestidad, with asymmetries and accessories that enrich the resultant product. For using fixations and assemblings from the world of the cycling of an easy and integrated form and that facilitate his setting. For combining functions and integrate the furniture of office in the domestic field, repensando the use of some basic forms, as it is the case of the round table like piece of furniture of dispatch."


Product: PET Lamp
Designers: Study Álvaro Catalan of Ocón – Álvaro Catalan of Ocón
Company: PET Lamp Studio
Description: In the year 2011 offers him to the designer Alvaro Catalan of Ocón work on the bottles of plastic PET dragged by the tropical rains to the Colombian Amazons. Splitting of the intrinsic contradiction of the object -minutes of useful life in front of centuries of material decomposition- decides to change the function of the object merging it with a textile technician of local craftsmanship, allowing that the own tradition of the culture remain reflected in the final product. In 2012 the study organises a workshop in Colombia with native artisans, that show the feasibility like product. PET Lamp Has generated big interest in the international press, arriving to shops of the five continents.

Assessment of the jury: "By the poetry of the proposal and his history. It is not only a lamp, but a system that reinforces the cultural exchange and the social and environmental worry. A new process of production that represents part of the new generations that try to find new roads to follow developing the design of product."

Product: Rabari
Designers: nanimarquina – Nipa Doshi & Jonathan Levien
Company: nanimarquina
Description: spontaneous Composition done with embroideries. A collection of carpets that evoke the brilliant and sensual world of the traditional embroidery of the Indian, thinking in the embroideries artesanales that realised the nomadic community of the Rabari. The spontaneous compositions of the carpets symbolise the freedom to improvise and the serendipia inherent to each small step of a handmade only piece. Further of his exceptional design and of the beauty that contributes the brilliant colour of the curl of the wool, the designers have projected a refinada combination of rhythms and an only graphic sensuality. Handmade in the Indian with the technicians Hand knotted and Hand woven sumak and produced to 100% with wool of New Zealand.

Assessment of the jury: "For causing a "love at first sight", an instantaneous communication with the user; a piece that transmits feelings only with his image. The traditional technicians of the Indian employees of a current form, a feeling of calm and balance of his reasons, and an also tactile design with different reliefs and textures, do it a product that inspires something magic."

Product: Grasshopper
Designers: Makoto Fukuda
Company: Escofet 1886
Description: The group of table and banking Grasshopper is born associated to the concept of furniture that stimulates the intereacció between his users. New elements that enrich and humanizan the technology of the UHPC-Slimcon-crete®, that allows minimum thicknesses, an excellent structural resistance and a better behaviour in front of the erosion and meteorización of the material that integrates it. Of robust and pleasant design, Grasshopper speaks of freedom of movement and ligereza of materials. Installed of isolated form occupies a wide space. In an extreme closes with softness to turn into a warm place; to the another, his forms open and invite us to feel the landscape. The aggregation of two tables closes a volume at the same time rotundo and aerial.
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