Interview Oscar Tusquets iCandela
The professional path of Oscar Tusquets engloba multiple architectural projects. The Palau of the Music of Barcelona or the station of metre Toledo, in Naples, are two works in which the illumination plays a leading paper.ámás información
Light & Studio Restaurant Amazonico iCandela
Amazˇnico Is a restaurant exuberante, a trip by an enigmatic jungle. A design that breathes Brazilian essence, and whose taken care illumination, work of Light & Studio, define a new space concept.más información
FADfest 2017 iCandela
Barcelona will go back to receive, between 27 June and on 2 July, the FADfest the festival that, a summer more, promotes the Promotion of the Arts and of the Design (FAD).ámás información
Winning Prizes LAMP Lighting Solutions 2017
The incomparable frame of the Espai Xavier Corberˇ, in Esplugues of Llobregat, received the 7¬ edition of the Prizes Lamp Lighting Solutions 2017, the past 15 June. We explain it to you everything.más información
Magazine iCandela 24
The architect Anna Sbokou like PROTAGONIST, the function of lighting in the cinema, thanks to JosÚ RubÚn Burgos Ventura, and the theatre by the lighting designer Julio Bao, and the last projects of the teacher in architectural and urban lighting, Kaoru Mende, are some of the contents of the last issue of our magazine.más información
Dialogos On the light
Matelec Latin America 2017 Secartys
pldc 2017 cartel
Them Menuires: highland Architecture
The Workshop "Rehab Them Menuires" is a proposal to reform this station of French ski through architectural projects that adapt to the current needs. It will realise in the UPC.
Entrevista al Lighting Designer Mark Major

iCandela ha entrevistado al Lighting Designer Mark Major, presidente del jurado de la sexta edición de los Premios LAMP 2015 en el Tibidabo, donde ha tenido lugar la gala de entrega de premios.

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